10 Values Inspired by 10 People in 2016

by Mohamed ElDib | December 21, 2016

It’s this time of year again when we see lists all over the internet. Well, no one likes these lists because there is usually a hidden agenda on who gets featured on there. So we created our own list – but this time we’re showing you the top 10 values we learned this year, and who helped us realise these values.


We’ll be posting a new list of 10 things every day for the last 10 days of 2016.

Here are the values we learned this year:

Creating Change, thanks to Seif Abou Zaid


In a troubled time in Egypt, and where the education system is becoming worse and worse, Seif and his team have created real change in the education system. They believed in a vision, recruited the best of the best, and created Mavericks – a school with a hybrid system that combines online and offline resources for today’s world.

Check out what it means to be a Maverick here.

They also have a special discount for entrepreneurs this year.


Believing in Love Again, thanks to Nabil Rostom and Norshek Fawzy


At a time when people are increasingly giving value to independence and competition between couples, this power couple made us believe in love again.

Not only did they leave Cairo’s vibe behind and move to Gouna, they are also creating a live video every week to answer some of the questions that people have about marriage and relationships.

Check out their first live video here.

Did we mention that they’re also business partners?

Changing a Game, thanks to Ahmed Bahgat, Alia Faizy, and Marwan Ibrahim


The people working in multinationals are rarely mentioned, even though they change entire games and industries. Ahmed Bahgat, Alia Faizy, and Marwan Ibrahim managed to change the game of activations in the market. They work in Vodafone (one of the biggest companies in Egypt), and their worked got the company to create a separate team for activations altogether.

And they created Vodafone RED Weekends!

Taking a Leap of Faith, thanks to Wael Fakharany


It’s not about him leading Careem, it’s about the move itself. Wael moved from his high-paying, highly prestigious job at Google, and decided to work in Careem – it’s a leap of faith, to say the least.

Check out this article on why he left google and took a leap of faith.

Exploring Egypt Through Fresh Lens, thanks to Karim El Hayawan


Photo credits: Taimour Othman

Founder of #CairoSaturdayWalks, Karim takes a group of enthusiastic photographers with fresh eyes and polished lens, through Cairo walks every Saturday morning.

The walks always show us incredible images; by Karim himself, and by the group of enthusiasts roaming around Cairo with him.

Some of the best images of Egypt have come out of these walks, with artists like Nour Kamel, Mustafa Sharara, Shahana Helal, and many others contributing to the hashtag.

Persevering Through Tough Times, thanks to AbdelHamid Sharara


He is featured on lists for RiseUp itself of course, but there are some particularly inspiring moments in RiseUp that give us hope.

The first ever RiseUp Summit was on a day in which the whole Tahrir area was closed and people had to take longer routes to get to the GrEEK campus. But this year was troubled as well, as there were bombings in Cairo and national security wanted to cancel the final act with Hisham Kharma. The RiseUp team persevered and kept the show going despite everything – as they do every year. Which is the best display of real entrepreneurship values.


Literally Reaching for the Stars, thanks to Omar Samra


It was his childhood dream to go to space, and he’s finally doing it. He climbed the highest summits on earth, and he’s aiming for the unknown. Not only that, he also launched a space awareness program to teach children in schools across Egypt about space.

Setting trends, thanks to Esaad Youness


We all hear about trend-setters and influencers, but Sa7ebat Al Sa3ada is a read trend-setter. On several occasions this year, she has proven to have strong influence over the habits of Egyptians. When she launched the “El Sha3b Ya2mor” campaign, many brands contributed. Same for when she got the talented Egyptian singers, when everyone was sharing them.

Dreaming, Dreaming, and Dreaming, thanks to Mohamed Salah


It is no surprise to find the Mo here on this list, but whenever dreams are mentioned in any ad or any form of media, he is definitely on there. For Egyptians, he is the dreamer of all dreamers, and the symbol of reaching out and achieving.

Creating a Simple Innovation that Makes Egypt Drool, thanks to the TODO Cake Team


This had to be mentioned. Thank you TODO, and thank you cake team for TODO brownies. At the Treehouse, we get boxes of brownies and melt chocolate on them – sometimes Kinder, sometimes Cadbury Oreo, sometimes just Nutella (the real one – not any -ella) and we give our insides a hug.

Being Ourselves Despite Everything, thanks to Tux the Monkey


We had to include our Creative Director; Tux the Monkey on this list. But in all fairness, we made him our 11th person featured here.

Tux is the symbol of freedom and creativity. He knows no rules but the rules of the jungle. He doesn’t succumb to the status quo. Interact with him, and follow him on Instagram.


Stay on the lookout for our other lists of 10 things in the last 10 days of the year!