Brands are more than just their aesthetics.

A good brand involves an extensive thinking process in order to come up with solid concepts that last. And trust me when I tell you this: branding is everything!



So we looked around the market and came up with a list of 10 of our favourite branding- related projects this year and compiled them in a list.

They’re not all complete branding projects; some are just designs that are part of the overall brand, or just the packaging, or whatnot; but all the designs featured here are still contributors to awesome brands.

Without further ado, please find the list below:

Osana, by DNA

Some brands just work. Osana is definitely one of those. The brilliance in the logo design as the colours come together so beautifully, and the different positions and the shapes fitting together in a circle that signifies wholeness is seamless. And of course the colouring book is a really nice touch to the concept.




Gourmet Egypt

We have a lot of respect for this brand. Not just for the aesthetics, but also because it is using the pound devaluation, and the import tariffs to their advantage. They created complete product lines with their own branded products to replace the imported ranges. Now their stores are mostly filled with their own labels – branded and packaged as if they are imported products. And because the brand equity is high, people trust them.

They have everything from Gourmet Mahshi, to Gourmet Pastes, all the way to Gourmet ice cream.




Agrovate, by Monkeys in Tuxedos

What we like the most about this brand is its simplicity. It shows the fresh fruits and vegetables, and tells us that they have nothing to hide.

It also relies a lot on the use of their font. The font is clean and simple, and it gives the look and feel of the fresh produce brands we see abroad in Tesco and M&S Food.

Just the name of the product, and two adjectives to explain what it’s like on the inside. Clean and simple.



Imtenan, by Matter Branding

Arguably one of their best projects to date, Imtenan’s rebranding is super!

The packaging is clean, simple, and inviting. It is really a global brand, and not just another local brand of herbal drinks. Everything is customised – no generic boxes or packaging.

We love how they called it a “Health Shop”. This is what positioning is all about. It’s not another herbal store, or a anything else. It’s a health shop – we love it!




It is not the norm to find well-branded, local products in the supermarket. This is what sets Delicia apart. Although they just launched recently, and are not that widely spread in all supermarkets, they definitely have great branding.

The jars are simple, and with nice icons, and good colour coding. Only thing we didn’t figure out yet are the numbers on the top of the jars. What are the 15, 14, 13?




Fly Egypt

AT LAST, an Egyptian airline operator that is at least trying to do something good! Although it’s a small player in the market, the Fly Egypt logo looks like it has been well thought out, to say the least.

They want to position themselves as young and affordable, so the staff wear polo shirts and pants on the planes. We don’t know people’s response to this move (especially because passengers’ feelings of safety are closely associated with what the crew looks like), but they’re doing something different and refreshing to the industry.



TODO, by Mahdys

We love it because they’ve used the characters so well. They’ve engaged their audience with their characters and they brought them to life. Very much like M&Ms have done with theirs. And now for every new product launch, they create complete conversations between the characters and they joke and do this and that. They did it really well, bravo!




La Poire Cake Packaging, by Monkeys in Tuxedos

What we like about this packaging design and positioning campaign is that it combines old and new; modern and vintage. The cake box is hand painted and then digitised, and the box design is not the usual box shape. And the photoshoot also shows the positioning of old grandmother’s English cake, but pimped up with modern flavours.



Ahl masr, by The Brand Bees

The logo’s colours and shape are both interesting as components of a brand. Also how the name of the NGO is “Ahl Masr” and in the logo, they managed to portray the people of Egypt in different colours, fitting together as a puzzle.

To complete the positioning, the NGO created a video with a number of celebrities with painted faces (almost same colours as the logo), which gave the whole concept a totally new dimension.


Top Business Group Calendars, by DNA

We came across these calendars and we just loved them! The designs are aesthetically pleasing, but they also add a whole new dimension to the brand they’ve been created for. “For the love of humans,” they called it. How brilliant! And they used different colours and different shapes to feature the humans in question. It’s a brilliant design that has surely benefitted the brand owners very much.



Masader, by Shahana Helal

We love negative space. In this branding project, the negative space is used to create the “M” in Masader, but it’s also other things. The yellow colour is striking and loud, and it goes well with the grey and white. It is aesthetically pleasing and memorable from its simplicity.


From the above, we can see that there is no such thing as pure branding. Branding, positioning, and design all go hand in hand. So in order to create a solid brand, one must go down to its most minute details in order to build it up and create a solid “brand” that resonates with its audience time and time again.

If you know of other brands that have been created in 2016 and should be featured, please send them our way.