Inspiring Bananas 001

by Ahmed Essam | March 16, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the very first edition of Inspiring Bananas. In this weekly column, I’ll be sharing with you material that’s been inspiring us here at the treehouse throughout the week. Being inspired and staying current is vital to producing great work. So without further ado, let’s start the show:

ITV2 idents

There is something weirdly satisfying about these TV idents done by the amazing studio ManVsMachine.

Young Thug – Wyclef Jean Music Video

Okay, so we don’t even like the music but the video is something else. When you get into it, you won’t even notice the music being played. The video is that good!

Hidden Folks


Hidden Folks s a recently released iOS game à la Where’s Waldo but with some of interactivity added on top. Although the mechanics are solid, it’s the game’s charming black and white hand drawn art style that’ll keep you coming back.

Pause 2017 Opening Titles

The the lighting, the mood, the sets. Everything about this video is done extremely well.

Nokia 3310


Nokia is bringing back the indestructible classic from the 90s complete with a battery that never seems to run out and Snake. Although I think that these types of moves might ruin a product’s legacy (just let the classics remain classics), this move did bring Nokia back into the headlines and might position them in a place where they can be relevant.