Inspiring Bananas 003: April Fools

by Ahmed Essam | March 30, 2017

A word of advice for all of you out there: never, ever, ever believe anything you see or hear on April fools (next Saturday in case you don’t keep up with the Gregorian calendar). Even so, it’s always good fun, so… here are a few awesome pranks done by some major brands on April fools:
YouTube’s SnoopaVision

Who of us hasn’t had a moment where they thought: “Wow, I really wish Snoop Dogg was here to watch this video with me.” Well, Youtube’s got your back dogg… Sorry, that was bad 🙂
Netflix’s Stamos: A Human, Being

It’s been said that we live in the golden era of television and Netflix has had a big role in that, producing one great show after another. But on April 1, 2016, they decided to add something odd to their roster.
Double Crunch Oreos
Sometimes pranks can be cruel, they get your hopes up but then you find out that it’s all just for laughs. You can’t play with people like that! I want double crunch oreos!!!

Burger King’s Left Handed Whopper
In 1998, Burger King decided to cater to the 32 million left-handed Americans ignored by the burger industry by introducing the left handed Whopper. It used the exact same ingredients as a traditional whopper, but rotated 180 degrees. Rumor has it that people actually ordered it and a right handed version was requested.
 Cheeteau by Chester

For all the cheese lovers out there.