The Pointless Internet

by Ahmed Essam | May 15, 2017

We decided to devote our time to waste time today. So we went on a mission to explore some of the less useful corners of the internet. What we found was everything and anything, literally anything, you can think of. Want people being slapped with an eel? There’s a website for that. Want cutesy animals? There are millions of websites for that. Porn, you said? Well we bumped into some of that too, we won’t be sharing that here though. There won’t be any screenshots for the websites intentionally so we don’t spoil the fun ahead of you. So, let’s go and talk a walk down pointless lane.

HEY! Well, you should always start with a greeting

It wouldn’t be the internet without cats

And for the dog lovers

Please don’t point, it’s embarrassing

Let’s do some shopping

Wanna stop for a snack?

Maybe something lighter?

For the Happy times

And the not so happy

We all do need some validation sometimes

Where did all the time go?

You didn’t enjoy that?? Well…