Inspiring Bananas 006: Visual Candy

by Ahmed Essam | May 11, 2017

This week, it’s all about static visuals. We’ve compiled here a few of our favorites of outstanding visual work done by some of the best in the field. These works don’t even need to be described in words, the visual says it all, so let’s delve in.


Play-Doh ADD

We all played with Play-Doh as kids but none of us came even close to replicating the level of quality in this project. And yes, the posters are made in Play-Doh. See the full poster set here:


Generation Gap

I’m a 90s kid, so naturally, I love anything 90s and this project by¬†Mike Campau is pure nostalgia for me. Check the full project here:


All I Need is Blue

Summer is upon us, and that means yellow sand and blue beaches. This project by Peyranne Francois demonstrates the calming and soothing effects the color blue can have on us. Full Project:


Mining Facility

These abstract illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky are so wonderfully complex and full of intricacies. If you like this one make sure to check their whole line of work, it’s all amazing.


Hong Kong Puzzles

The architecture in Hong Kong has been a topic of multiple design projects. There is so much beauty you can extract from the geometry there and how it interacts together.