Inspiring Bananas 007: Music Videos

by Ahmed Essam | May 18, 2017

Some say that music videos are dying in the singles streaming age, but I believe the contrary. Besides their commercial value, music artists love to associate visuals with their music to create whole new experiences. Sometimes while working, I let music videos play in the background because they’re very rich visually and always seem to inspire. Below are a list of some of my favorites:

Mostafa Amar – Monaya

Okay, let’s kick it off with something out of the good old land of the pyramids.
I’ve always admired this music video and what Mostafa Amar did (memorizing the song backwards) is no easy feat. This video now is like 14 or 15 years old and is still a classic. And the song is really catchy too.

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

This is my favorite song by OK Go featuring the band dancing on treadmills, it’s a simple idea with very low production but very fun. This is where it all started for them and now they do these insanely challenging elaborate videos that you should definitely check out.

DJ Shadow – Nobody Speak

“You wanna hear a good joke?” I love that line!!! This politically charged music video is totally brutal, showing how a lot of us are sick of how politics are run these days and how they might as well just do the above.

Jain – Makeba

A french singer singing about an African music legend, Jain’s Makeba is a visual treat and such a joy to hear and watch.

Woodkid – Iron

This one by Woodkid is, to me, a visual masterpiece. It’s cinematography, styling and vfx are all masterfully done and the output is stunning.