OLX: A Bold and Edgy Mother’s Day Campaign

by Mohamed ElDib | March 19, 2017

Mother’s Day is quite a season for digital marketing in Egypt.

While most brands go for an emotional, or experimental approach, our client OLX Egypt was bold enough to take one of our “monkey” concepts. They really did #MonkeyUp!

Watch the video here:

Campaign Concept

The concept of the campaign is built on the idea of selling things and giving them away. As much as they find things, they also give things away and reuse them differently (think of the Quality Street box turned into a sewing kit container!)

The execution is through Rockstar Moms – a hashtag that cool moms use to show their coolness and edginess (#RockstarMom). We are talking to the youth in terms they understand.

We built on that, and on many insights related to mothers when it comes to buying and selling.


Most, if not all, mothers suffer from the clutter that their children have around the house. The messy room, the old things that no one uses anymore, and the dust-covered old electronics.


Now is the time for the mothers to rebel. We got the Rockstar Moms, and turned them into real rockstars. They don’t care about what their children have to say. They’ll sell everything on OLX and go buy musical instruments, and leather jackets from.. you guessed it.. OLX!


It’s a twist from the usual cute, emotional, cheesy Mother’s Day campaigns – it’s a campaign with a solid concept.

The Power of Details

If you look closely at the styling and art direction, you’ll find a mix of motherly and edgy concepts.

There are containers in the background as the rebellious mothers sing and dance with attitude, as well as washing machines, and old TVS.


The mothers are wearing their usual blouses or floral pants, but styling them up with leather jackets and metal chains.

What Next?

The hashtag #انسى_خلاص is to be used to tell sons and daughters to forget their things. And if they will not take care of their messy rooms, their mothers will.

Power to all the Rockstar Moms out there!


A great project comes from a great client. And this was quite adventurous to say the least!

On a final note, we just wanted to add Zaatar’s picture because he was so incredible on set!