Overview on the Advertising Scene in Ramadan

by Mohamed ElDib | May 23, 2017

Ramadan.. Ramadan.. Ramadan..

Ramadan shahr el seyam.. Shahr el quran..

Oh scratch that..

For Egyptians, Ramadan shahr el mosalsalat wi shahr el e3lanat..

Over the past few years, the holy month has acquired some peculiar traits. And while people wait for their most loved Ramadan series, many people wait for the ads that air during the month.

Below are some facts about the Advertising Scene in Ramadan in Egypt:

  • The cost of television airing in Ramadan is 7-8 times that of other months.
  • The highest viewership over the past few years has been the infamous Ramez Galal (love him or hate him, he’s doing really well, apparently)
  • For Ramez Galal’s show, a 30 second spot for a single airing can reach EGP100-130 thousand. Just a single airing.
  • In 2015 and 2016, the top spenders were:
    1. Charity organizations/ Medical services. It makes sense because they have very high returns on their investments because people want to donate and do good deeds during this month. Also, some donors request their donations to go to marketing and advertising so that the mass donations go 100% to the cause itself and not as general expenses.
    2. Telecommunications. Yes, we’ve all seen the celebrity jungle that Vodafone created last year, the series of songs that built up by Orange, and the off-topic summer fiesta by Etisalat. Not only are they high productions, but they also air them a lot in order to get a high share of viewership.
    3. Real Estate. No idea why Egyptians are still buying second, third, and fourth houses as investments – but they are. Commercials advertising the good life definitely take up a big share of what we see in Ramadan.
  • As people watch television during the whole month, but viewership increases dramatically starting from the second week onwards. It’s probably because people start following their favourite series.
  • As for the digital sphere, Facebook experienced a rise in usership last Ramadan, peaking at 3AM – during souhour, or as people are waiting to start their fast.
  • Even though television advertising costs increase 7-8 times, YouTube advertising costs only increased around 10% last year. Put your eggs in the right basket!

That’s it for now!

Happy Ramadan everyone!


The contents of this article were inspired by Farida Rashdan.