Palettet E3lanat

by Mohamed ElDib | June 15, 2017

I am very passionate about the world of marketing and advertising Рsince I was a child. I also love directing. I love sets. I belong on set, pretty much.

Well advertising directing combines both. And the director has to make many choices on set. In this piece, I am focusing on the colour palettes chosen in the different scenes of a few of the most prominent Ramadan ads this year. This is part of my hashtag #DibosPalettes, in which I take a deeper look into the colour palettes around me on my instagram account.

1. 500 500 Hospital

This was the most feel-good ad this year. It featured many of Egypt’s favourite celebrities as they danced and played with the children. Lots of fresh colours, and a lot of playing and happiness to portray the concept and make the emotions work well together.


So as you can see above, all the colours are vibrant and fresh in order to portray the concept holistically.

2. Carrier

This ad’s colours shouts “Ali Ali”. For those who do not know him, Ali is a famous director in the advertising world. He almost always has a similar colour palette and he does his colour correction in a way that feels similar every time. I really like these colours (teel is generally one of my personal favourite colours).

The choices of colours here gives a general chilled mood so that we focus on the characters and on the story of the lady immitating her friend Mona, as she’s “in love with the takyeef”.

3. Orange

Even though I didn’t really like this year’s Orange ad, but the colours are cool. It reminded me of the times in which MobiNil had the awesome Ramadan songs and musicals. I have no idea why they stopped making those – it was a much better strategy. But Orange’s brand colours make it easier to create nice palettes.

This one is my favourite; it feels very Wes Anderson-y:

4. Vodafone

They went for the celebrity jungle once more. A lot of celebrities singing a song that does not tie to their product whatsoever. But that’s besides the point.

The colours of Vodafone are clear. Almost all scenes feel red, or have a red element. They have some nice colours here and there, but I chose the ones I liked obviously.

5. EG Bank

I think this is the only campaign I actually liked this Ramadan, which is sad because we have always been advertising pioneers and the scene was always super competitive.

I liked the ads because they are very simple, and insightful and funny. I don’t know if I want to be like Oufa (the main character, elli ma7addesh beye3mello 7esab), so it might not be the best thing for the brand. But the ads were all funny and created good buzz nonetheless.

Once again, Ali Ali’s colours!

One of the very important things in an ad, or a film, is the colour choices and composition. It’s important to know which colours will be used and what message we want to communicate through the use of colours. Of course the visual element is paramount, but also why these colours is vital.