#RamadanInTheJungle: Top 10 Ramadan TV Show Trailers

by Youssef El Ganaini | May 25, 2017

Ramadan is – apart from being the Islamic Holy Month, of course – a time where things change. Everyone and everything adapt to this special time – in Egypt, at least. In the following articles this week and throughout Ramadan, we will be discussing some Ramadan-related topics as we monkeys adapt to #RamadanInTheJungle! For TV Shows, this is no different. In the last decade, Ramadan TV Shows became more and more popular, and this year, we have 38 TV Shows! In this very competitive market, the only way you can make a good impression before Ramadan is through the trailers. For that reason, we monkeys handpicked the top 10 Ramadan TV Shows that included most bananas and grabbed our attention!

La totfe2 al shams

The writer-director duo of Tamer Habib and Mohamed Shaker, who created the record-breaking TV Show Grand Hotel last year, return yet again with an adaptation from Ihsan Abdel Kodous’ novel that will be starring Mervat Amin, Mohamed Mamdouh aka Tyson, and Ahmed Malek among others.


Khalsana beshyaka

Yes, you saw that right. Ahmed Mekky is back and working with the former Trio of Hisham Maged, Chico and excluding Ahmed Fahmy (more about him later!). I don’t think I should talk about how this is going to be, go see it for yourself!

Ree7 El Madam

Ahmed Fahmy teams up with funnyman and presenter of Abo Hafiza Akram Hosny to create what will probably one of the best comedies this Ramadan: Ree7 el Madam. This trailer is a must-see.

Ramez Ta7t Al Ard

You may love him or hate him. You may see he’s a guy that was mishandled as a child. You may think he’s insane. But believe it or not, this guy gives MBC a big amount of money. His daily Ramadan show (that is 50% ads) airs at prime time and makes a LOT OF MONEY. After suffering from a lot of controversy this year, we’ll see what Ramez is hiding this year!


Karim Abdelaziz, one of the top stars in Egyptian cinema, gets into the Ramadan TV Show world this year with the Sherif Mounir, who has one of the most diverse cinema careers nowadays.  Karim Abdelaziz will be back with a new espionage-style TV Show. The trailer hasn’t showed that much, but it makes us want to explore even more about what this has in store for us.

El 70san Al Aswad

We aren’t used to Ahmed El Sakka being in TV Shows, but when he does, we do watch them. This sums up what’s going to happen this Ramadan.

3asham Iblees

Amr Youssef partners up with Dina El Sherbeeny, with whom he worked several times among other big stars like Dalal Abdelaziz to create what looks like a suspenseful romance-ish TV Show. We’re hyped up for this, that’s all I can say.

Kafr Delhab

Youssef El Sherif is undoubtedly one of the most talented yet underrated actors we have, and his TV Shows always look amazing. This year it’s no different, although he took a big risk this year, making a horror TV Show. Whether it will succeed this year is unknown, but he never ceased to suprise us.

3afareet Adly Amam

Adel Imam received some criticism last year with Maamoun wi Shorakah for not being as comedic as before. This trailer seems to expose a scary story but then it gets funny later on. We’re waiting for some goodies this year from Adel Imam!

Hatha Al Massa2

This one, we liked. Hosting a number of big stars like Iyad Nassar, Mohamed Farag and Ahmed Dawoud, this TV hides something really big and looks like it is going to be one hell of a show. We can’t wait!

10 – What’s your pick? Tell us on our social media what your 10th pick is year!

We monkeys will be surely stocking up on bananas really soon to watch all those TV Shows! Also make sure to tell us what you think of the TV Shows this year!