With Ramadan do not only come fasting, family gatherings and ma7shi wara2 3enab. But with Ramadan rise tiny bits of our culture that make us enjoy Ramadan as it is. Apart from being a holy month, these little things that seemed to have vanished in some way or another, make (or used to make) Ramadan so special, and make everyone in the society, from Aswan to Alexandria come together to enjoy this special time of the year. For this reason, I decided to revisit those tiny beautiful things that – we Egyptians – enjoyed and cherished, but unfortunately vanished partially or completely.

1. Traditional Fanous Ramadan

Yes, you still use the Fanous your parents bought 1000000000 years ago, but sadly, the good old traditional Fanous has been largely replaced with the cheap plastic Chinese Fanous you can buy everywhere. The Egyptian version is sturdy and made mostly out of metal, not to mention the people who used to work in this craft where real artists, who enjoyed crafting the real Fanous for a living, which is why we monkeys appreciate them.

2. El Mesa7arati

This person should be appreciated more than anything. He literally goes out and uses his energy to wake up the people to eat and have fun while he marches in the streets and says his famous words. Also unfortunately, this beautiful phenomenon has largely vanished but we can still see the mesa7arati in some places.

3. Fawazeer Ramadan

Back in the days, the Fawazeer were a big deal. Instead of watching Ramez doing stupid things with celebrities and being cussed out, people watched the Fawazeer TV show that was presented by famous stars. Now, those fawazeer shows are hardly presented anywhere.

4. Radio Shows

Not so long ago, TV Shows were not as important as Radio Shows. People actually used to HEAR the shows. Imagine listening to Grand Hotel 30 days straight intstead of watching it. People used to do that, and it was really important to them. Religious radio shows were a vital part of their daily life. However, nowadays Radio decreased in importance.

5. Madfa3 el Iftar

I asked an old person a few days ago, “What does the madfa3 el Iftar mean to you?” “Happiness”, she said,”We used to gather ourselves around the radio and waited forever for the darbet el madfa3. When it happens, the whole family goes crazy and runs to the dinner table!” A little detail like the madfa3 el Iftar shows how such a little thing can make a whole family happy. Unluckily, this little detail is not of importance today.”

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