#SundayAnecdotes: Once Upon A Time Vol.3

by Sohailah El-Sawy | May 21, 2017

Today – sadly – is our last article in this series. However, let’s start with this right out of the way!

Once Upon a Time,

we had sidewalks. They were wide and smooth and obstacle-free.We never had to clamber on to them, they ran parallel to the street with hardly any difference In height.
I remember, I remember…WALKING.
I remember skipping and running back and forth. What fun!
CARS were very spacious. Sitting in them was like being in your sitting room. Very comfortable with arm rests and an extra triangle shaped glass window on each side for more”panoramic”viewing.
As a little two year old I would sit on those arm rests and volunteer to give everyone in the car a detailed account of what was happening in the streets as we drove along!
I don’t remember traffic jams…actually there were very few automobiles circulating.
I remember the dark blue and white TAXIS, with a proper” bandera”, بنديرة (metre)and a glass partition separating us from the driver’s seating area.
I also remember the orange/yellow Alexandria taxis. And our favorite game as children to be the first to spot one as we arrived in Alexandria and shout “Taxi Alexandrie”! It was our way of saying “Hurray!” the holidays have started.
Of course I remember the TRAMWAY, the Cairo beige ones and the whistle-blowing كمسرى in full uniform, giving the signal to move by pulling the cord.
And the two level blue Alexandria trams. I remember they were open at the sides and sometimes people would jump in that way.
I wish we could have them back again!
Oh! And I remember gas lights and those beautiful lampposts that “decorated” our streets, and how every evening just before night fall they would be lit by a little man climbing the ladder that was placed against them….

5o years from now, we will say Once Upon A Time again.